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KN (AB Klaipedos Nafta) - the Coordinator of the Blue Baltics project, respects user privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers by providing personalised services, and processing and looking after the registration/newsletter subscription data you provided in an honest and lawful manner.

The Privacy Policy reflects the customer data processing practices used by the Coordinator of the Blue Baltics project. Please e-mail all questions regarding privacy protection to project manager:

The links to third-party websites posted on Blue Baltics website are not subject to this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you look into the privacy policies of the internet websites that you visit.

Your consent

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you:

  • agree that your Personal Data will be used in order to provide the content you desire;
  • agree that your Personal Data will be forwarded to our partners who provide website maintenance and hosting services;
  • grant us the right to collect, manage, process and store your Personal Data to the extent and for the purposes provided for in this Privacy Policy and in our other documents.

Collection of information

KN (AB Klaipedos Nafta) - the Coordinator of the Blue Baltics project adheres to the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. The following information about website visitors and news subscribers is collected by the website.

We collect data about our customers:

  • using registration forms;
  • when you subscribe to a newsletter or receive services provided by the website;
  • when you provide data about yourself online or in any other way.

The data that may be collected for service provision purposes:

  • For the purpose of newsletter subscription – e-mail address.

If you visit our websites, we also collect information that reveals the special features of using the services that we provide or automatically generated visit statistics. Read more about this in Cookie Usage.

We use your IP addresses in administering our websites and the content published therein, and in diagnosing and identifying possible malfunctions.

The use of personal information

We use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • providing the services that you order – sending newsletters.

We also use your aggregated Personal Data (so that it is not possible to determine a specific user’s title, name or surname):

  • in performing websites audits.

We commit to never transfer your Personal Data to any unrelated third parties, except in the following cases:

  • if your consent has been given for the disclosure of your Personal Data;
  • in providing services – newsletter delivery or other services you have ordered;
  • in ordering services – we will only provide website maintenance and hosting service providers with as much of your personal information as is necessary to perform the specific service. Your data security requirement applies to all service providers working with us;
  • to law enforcement authorities in accordance with the procedure established by legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Direct marketing

The e-mail address you provide will not be used for direct marketing purposes.

Information retention periods

We will store your personal information for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Notwithstanding the information retention periods specified above, we have the right to keep your Personal Data on the server for as long as necessary if the data you provided (i) was used in performing an unlawful act or (ii) was cause for suspicion that identity theft or other violation has been committed regarding which an investigation was or will be conducted by the relevant law enforcement authorities or (iv) give rise to other legitimate purposes to store your Personal Data. Said data shall be destroyed upon receipt of instructions from law enforcement or other delegated authorities.

Your rights

You have the right to obtain access to your Personal Data upon submitting an identity document (a Republic of Lithuania passport or identity card must be presented to confirm your identity). In order to find out what Personal Data of yours we have collected or received from what sources, for what purposes they are being processed, to which recipients they are being provided and were provided over at least the last one (1) year, or if all of your Personal Data are complete and correct, you must contact us in advance using the e-mail address that was submitted to us. Upon receiving your enquiry, we will answer whether Personal Data relating to you is being processed and will provide the data requested within 30 (thirty) calendar days of receipt of the application. Data shall be provided in accordance with this point free of charge once per calendar year.

You also have the right:

  • to ask us to rectify your Personal Data when they are inaccurate and/or incomplete;
  • to ask us to restrict the processing of your Personal Data until we verify the accuracy of these data. In this case, you will not be able to receive the newsletters you have subscribed to or the services provided on the website during the period that the processing of your data is restricted;
  • to request the Personal Data of yours that are automatically processed by us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. Data shall be provided in accordance with this point free of charge once per calendar year’
  • by submitting a request to us in writing or by e-mail, to object to the processing of your Personal Data and to demand that your newsletter subscription be cancelled or personal data processing activities be suspended when your Personal Data is not being processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data or the provisions of other laws, except in the cases provided for in the Privacy Policy;
  • by immediately expressing your non-consent or to provide a later notice of non-consent that your Personal Data be processed for direct marketing purposes. If you no longer want to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of each e-mail and following the procedure for unsubscribing.

All requests and instructions related to the processing of Personal Data must be sent to us in writing in one of the following manners:

  • by delivering the request or instruction to us directly at Baltijos pr. 40, LT-93239 Klaipėda;
  • by electronically signing the request or instruction and e-mailing it to project manager at from the e-mail address previously given to us.

Upon receiving your request or instruction, we will we will give you an answer and perform the actions indicated in the request or refuse to perform them within 30 (thirty) calendar days. At your request, the answer will be given in writing.

If you believe that the way we are processing your Personal Data is not in line with the legislation in force, you have the right to contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate (

Cookie Usage

A cookie is a small text file that the website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Cookies are widely used on websites so that they operate and work effectively, and are able to provide information to website owners.

We use cookies in order to determine our audience size and the user habits on our websites. Our goal is to personalise the services offered according to your interests as much as possible.

We use the information obtained by cookies:

  • to identify returning registered users in order to open the ordered content or services up to them;
  • in order to avoid repeat newsletter subscriptions for our regular website visitors;
  • to allow users to more easily move to/from our other websites;
  • to monitor your user habits in order to provide content relevant to you and to improve the websites according to your preferences.

We use different kinds of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies:

PHPSESSID – valid during the browsing session;

These cookies are used to fulfil your queries like browsing the site.

  • Tagging and behaviour cookies:

_gat – valid momentarily;
_gid – valid for 1 week;
_ga – valid for 2 years.

These cookies collect anonymous information on which pages you visit. This is how we find out what kind of information our website visitors are most interested in.

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can disable cookies in your browser, but be aware that if you do so, you may lose access to some of the features that are necessary for the website to function properly. If you need more information about cookies, please visit or, where you will find detailed, independent information about how to disable cookies through your browser settings and how to remove cookies that are already on your computer. To remove cookies from your mobile phone, you will need to read the user guide for your phone.

If you want to prevent Google Analytics from registering your website browsing, visit

If you delete cookies from your computer’s hard drive, you will have to re-register each time you visit our webpages. You can set your browser so that it does not allow saving cookies on your computer’s hard disk. This will reduce the functionality of the site and prevent you from using services; in other words, some of the content will not be available to you.

Security Policy

UAB PARPRO, website developer and administrator, has installed the necessary equipment to ensure the security of Personal Data of website visitors from unauthorised intrusion, use, alteration, and unlawful or accidental destruction.


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