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The 'Blue Baltics' project focuses the investments into the LNG infrastructure development by promoting sustained system of transport by sea and land and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This project refers to the successful experience of the previous projects, such as KN controlled LNG terminal, AGA AB controlled small-scale Nynäshamn (Sweden) LNG terminal, also by including other partners: German Bernhard Schulte GmbH & Co., KG, which is implementing the LNG transport ship project, Estonian Alexela Energia AS, which is planning to develop the chain of LNG filling stations for public, commercial, sea transport and outermost consumers from the gas network, and Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, which is partly implementing the works of adaptation of the KN operated jetty to LNG loading.  

The aim of the project

The proposed Action Blue Baltics provides investment into LNG infrastructure & mobile equipment in Lithuania, Sweden and Estonia making available LNG as fuel for maritime and road transport. The aim of the Action is to establish a LNG infrastructure and offering bunkering activities across the Baltic Sea. Such a harmonized approach contributes to the sustainable development of the LNG market and helps to remove arisen bottlenecks.

The Action builds on successful previous LNG projects in Klaipeda/Lithuania (FSRU & LNG Reloading Station) and in Nynäshamn/Sweden (LNG Terminal & bunker vessel Seagas).

The time schedule of the project: 2016 March - 2019 June 

The problems addressed by the project

The investment into a “Maritime LNG Mobile Multifunctional Refilling Station-MMRS” which connects the FSRU “Independence” to the LNG Reloading Station and which provides LNG bunkering to all kind of vessels together with the upgrade of the LNG Reloading Station including its jetty, will turn Klaipeda into a main LNG Hub for the Baltics. This LNG Hub will serve maritime links of external partners and will bring LNG/CNG into different ports such as in Estonia enabling its use also in urban transportation. The upgrade of the LNG Terminal Nynäshamn will significantly widen the business potentials for LNG in South-Eastern Sweden and adjoining regions by making shore-to-ship bunkering and LNG reloading available

The solutions proposed

Blue Baltics deploys industrial solutions for ship-to-ship & shore-to-ship LNG bunkering as well as reloading in a group of ports. Thus, it promotes environmentally sustainable shipping and facilitates the implementation of the SECA and MARPOL Annex VI regulations. As a wider benefit action it also includes dedicated training programs for the involved ports and maritime operators ensuring safe operations of LNG. Special attention will be paid to the harmonization of bunkering procedures in the Baltic Sea by taking advantage of the ample bunkering experiences of the partners. 

The results expected

The investments are interrelated and contribute to achieve better efficiency as well as integration of the service into cost-effective LNG logistics chains. Blue Baltics therefore can be considered as important step towards the development of a LNG bunkering network in the Baltic Seaports as element of the Motorways of the Sea Program.

Financial aspects

The proposed Action Blue Baltics has been already awarded by European Commission within the Connecting Europe Facility Transport program "Motorways of the Sea". Klaipeda LNG reloading station has also received a loan from Nordic Investment bank. The total investment into five projects amounts to EUR 47,6 million, the funds allocated under the CEF-T Motorways of the Sea program amount to EUR 15 million. 

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